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Another shows piles of notes in a billiards room full of computer terminals at her North Hills Village home where her team of 'chatters' are said to have operated.

She has denied being the boss, despite boasting of her wealth by posting images such as the one of her son covered in banknotes, above right, to her Facebook page Caparas admitted that she worked as a 'chatter' herself, adding: 'Chatters' are mostly young girls, some as young as 13, and transgender men.They work to a prepared text to coax victims Explaining how the scam worked, Caparas, who is awaiting trial for exploiting minors to work in the Sextortion gang, said: 'We tease them to get them comfortable and we work to a prepared text.'Some of the chatters can barely speak English and many are young gay men but they only communicate by text and show pre-recorded video so the victim never knows.'It only takes about 30 minutes of chat before they are persuaded to do things in front of camera.They nearly always pay up after we put the video on You Tube.'I did feel sorry for some victims.Ceecelle is one of a number of aliases used by Caparas.Property empire: An £80,000 villa in the North Hills area of Manila, one of ten properties allegedly owned by Marie Caparas who insists she does not run the 'Sextortion' ring and is simply an employee Temptation: Marie Caparas's home has been converted into a honey trap for the teenagers she allegedly recruits for her syndicate, including a billiards room lined with 19 computer cubicles.

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