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Above all, Ed was a man who loved his life and loved his wife.Carol recounted: ‘We moved in together the day we first met, and every day after that, he told me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me.’RIP Ed Victor. My Good Morning Britain colleague Charlotte Hawkins is competing in Strictly Come Dancing, and I’ve been teasing her relentlessly about the ‘Strictly Curse’ that seems to drive all the dance partners into illicit affairs.‘Nothing’s ever going to happen with me and Brendan Cole,’ she insisted off-camera today. When I walked into the green room on Saturday night and saw Brendan and [her husband] Mark both standing there, I didn’t know which hand to take first…’Uh-oh. Ricky Gervais has brought his Humanity world tour to London’s Hammersmith Apollo, so I took my eldest son Spencer to see what all the fuss is about.Our entertainment editor Richard Arnold grilled them about rumours that Ford accidentally punched Gosling in the face during filming of Blade Runner 2049.‘We could do with you coming in and giving Piers Morgan a left hook,’ said Arnold.‘That suggestion will not…go unignored,’ smirked Ford, with a worrying glint.‘We’re both very happily married.’‘Isn’t it weird spending so much time in another man’s arms, though? It IS truly shocking: a 90-minute fusillade of savagely uncompromising comedy, with no taboo subject off limits – from Aids, cancer and rape to paedophilia, terrorism, transgenderism. ‘Much easier than having everything cut off to be a woman.’)Gervais even lampoons his own mother’s funeral, revealing how his brother Bob deliberately told the vicar their other brother’s name was Barry not Larry – purely so they could all laugh when he said it wrong.But at its heart, Humanity’s theme is one of my own bêtes noires: the modern malaise of absurdly over-sensitive snowflakes that wallow in permanent offence and victimhood, fuelled by PC-crazed social media.It’s a shame he’s depriving us of any extension to the Gervais comedic gene pool.

He listened to my animated analysis (‘We should have got stuck into Assad’, ‘Putin’s out-played everyone’, ‘Kim Jong Un’s not actually going to do anything’ etc) and sporadically raised a quizzical eyebrow. ‘Piers, before you go any further, perhaps I should explain exactly who you are talking to: General Mark Carleton-Smith is Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff in charge of UK Military Strategy and Operations.’Ah.’ at former BBC boss Alan Yentob, who resigned in 2015 over the Kids Company scandal.Yentob, standing next to me, led the raucous laughter.First, Ed’s eternal positivity, born out from this quote repeated by GQ editor Dylan Jones: ‘I perceive life as a long highway littered with green lights.’Second, his refreshing frankness: ‘Ed once asked how I was,’ said Nigella, ‘and when I began to tell him he stopped me and said, “Nigella, if someone asks how are you, they don’t ever actually want to know!” ’Ed adored gossip too, so he’d have loved the moment when Mel Brooks shouted ‘You still in disgrace, Alan?

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