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Because the chatbots are coming, and we're just starting to see the first wave.Facebook recently unveiled its plans for chatbots that live inside its Messenger app.It's becoming easier than ever to converse with a robot — with products and applications like Facebook Messenger, Apple's Siri, the Amazon Echo chatbot Alexa, and Google Now.Tech companies are betting big on conversational bots as the next big thing. CBC Radio technology columnist Dan Misener says the way we treat them reveals a lot about who we are as humans.

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Amazon's Echo speaker features a voice-recognition system called Alexa that is designed to control Pandora, Amazon Music and Prime Music services as well as give information on news, weather and traffic.They don't "care" in the same way a human cares, of course.If I'm mean to a bot, I'm not going to hurt its feelings.While you won't hurt the bot's feelings, Kate Darling says the way you treat a robot can say a lot about you."We've actually done some research that shows that there is a relationship between people's tendencies for empathy and the way that they're willing to treat a robot," she said.

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