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This usually includes the browser type you used, your Internet Protocol address, and the date and time of day.

Apart from this, we log the unique ID provided by our cookie and the URL of the last site you visited.

employees do not access the content of any task lists unless you specifically request them to do so (normally for technical support reasons) or if required by law, to maintain our system, or to protect or the public.

We also may collect information about the use of your account, such as how much storage you are using, how often you log in and other information related to your registration and use of

Imonggo is powered by a team of hustlers, visionaries, technologists, designers, marketers, creatives, data scientists, and architects, building creative solutions to make people’s lives, easier and more fulfilled.

From mom and pop shops to enterprise, our products enhance and grow small businesses at scale. We also don’t believe you can solve the problems of tomorrow with antiquated mindsets and traditional methods.

When you enable this feature, we automatically enable the SSL feature as well.

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may send you information related to your Store account or services.That’s why only those crazy enough to think they can change the world, become part of our team.This short video will demonstrate how to install Store v2, which allows premium users to sell products even when an internet connection is not available.Only the last 4 digits of the credit card number are kept for reference.In the premium edition, we can use Imonggo to process your customers’ credit card payments.

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