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Avoid coarse language as part of humour or otherwise.

Conversation that includes such words or subjects is usually avoided even among close friends.

Establishing a personal connection is very essential, since in many decisions, business or otherwise, individual relations precede other aspects involved in making decisions.

You could talk about your children, what they are studying, and what kinds of sports they participate in.

For your first meeting, make sure you dress sharply looking like a successful Westerner since after all, their image of a Canadian or someone from the West is based on what they see in the movies, the news or papers and magazines.

In the future, when you have met everyone and are on a first name basis - which takes time - you could relax your dress to work and social events.

Instead there is a lot of telling of jokes, especially longer jokes known as ‘anecdotes’.

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However, after the ice is broken and you have established an understanding with your co-workers there, then suitable jokes could come handy.These people were forbidden from discussing or involving themselves in politics, always told to leave the subject to others, therefore they still feel that politics is a subject to be avoided.The current government in Azerbaijan Republic is not as democratic as western countries, although it has a constitution.Another good topic might be places you have visited in Azerbaijan or are planning to visit.You can also talk about traditional Azerbaijani food and the wide variety of fruits and vegetables that grow in Azerbaijan.

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