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as says: Happy when sailing says: Dear Mike/All Thank you for all of this information and debate, I have suffered for near on 3 years now and had a real tough time of it.I have not told her about this problem and I don’t think I will ever tell her.Its like a horrific porno with my girlfriend in it.We were both virgins and our love-sex life is good.This 4th one gives purpose to your relationship – otherwise it will get boring. If you both really love, honor and cherish each other and vow to be loyal till death do us apart, then you have a promising marriage.I just want him to accept me or leave me alone…I have told him this before but he is not letting go.But Christ did not immediately send the baptism of the Holy Spirit and he certainly did not immediately bring the fire of judgment.

anyawy, i personally feel you write in a manner which implie tht if a virgin whos waiting til marriage for sex is dating someone who happens to have had sex before, she/he should just suck it all up and be ok with it, cause in the grand scheme of things, they are gonna meet other ppl with worse sexual histories.

I have told him that many times, and it seems to help. my girlfriend is not a virgin , but wenevr we go for our love moments to begin … Yes being a virgin is great but it does not make you any better than anyone else and I am sick and tired of people especially christian people making it seem as if persons who are not virgins are the worst people in the world. So instead of wavering between “My debt is horrible and inescapable. We nearly broke up once because it hurt so much him asking “Didn’t you value yourself?

The more you can just enjoy his company now, the less the past will bother you. I grew up in a great Christian home, and have continued to follow that faith and carry it as my own now. Jack has had a handful of partners and lost his virginity in high school. ” I shut down after moments like these because I already have to deal with the pain that I feel from having compromised the relationship I will have with my future husband.

Relationships are great fun, and there are few things in life that grow you as much as a person.

It helped me a little bit but I still feel like shit. I feel like I can’t even kiss him on the cheek without him thinking how often I’ve done that with another guy.

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