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He says there is a new crisis to deal with every day, such as picking up underage migrants from detention centers.

They are kept there by the police when they are arrested, usually as they try to flee their shelters and the country.

By the last count, there were 56 underage migrants in police custody - partly because nobody knows what to do with them.

Hombas describes confused notions of authority between the European Union and Athens, which has meant that the 1 billion euros in aid from Brussels only reaches the refugees after significant delay.

Mohammed is approached by a middle-aged man wearing greasy beige pants, a blue shirt and a blue baseball cap.

Although the man speaks Greek, the 17-year-old boy from Afghanistan knows exactly what he wants. I will give you food, pay you." The man only stops when he realizes he is being watched.

But nobody seems willing or able to do anything about it.

From there, he starts scouring the field again, searching for another boy.But prostitution is booming because the system is failing.Because Greece doesn't have the resources to take care of underage refugees."Life is hard and sometimes life makes people do hard things." When he ran out of money in Athens, Ahmad says he faced three choices: sell drugs, join a smuggling ring or prostitution. Like most young people his age, he is always busy with his smartphone.But not for fun: There are countless messages between him and the dozen or so adult Greek men he calls "my clients." When one of his clients calls him, Ahmad puts him on speaker. He lists the prices matter-of-factly: 50 euros for oral sex, more for normal sex, depending on the duration.

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