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The population of the Human Empire began around 70 Before HEC with two families of eight Artificial Fluctlights each in a small village at the center of the Human Empire, the village of Centoria.Both of these families had two real Rath employees nurturing them, while the rest of the villagers were simulated with placeholder NPCs.By using a 4th generation Full Dive machine, called the Soul Translator (STL), Rath succeeded in copying the Fluctlights (souls) of twelve newborn babies, creating a «Soul Archetype», a non-developed Artificial Fluctlight that could be copied to create new Artificial Fluctlights, which would then need to be nurtured to mature into an individual.For this reason, a virtual world, codenamed «Underworld», was created using the free kernel version of the Cardinal System, The Seed, and then transferred into the STL mainframe via the Mnemonic Visuals feature of the STL.This command that she had found was one that took the administrator powers from Cardinal and transferred them to Quinella, allowing her to then use all the controls that administrators had access to, including the manipulation of «Life».Even after this act, Quinella's thirst for power was not satisfied and so she tried to eliminate the one thing that held equal authority to her, the Cardinal System, but accidentally ended up infusing it with her Fluclight.This was to create a physical barrier between the people and to make sure that the Axiom Church would have complete control of the relaying of information.She made it so that the people would remain reliant on the church and thus they would stay devoted to its preachings.

Project Alicization, a top-secret government project run by Rath, a company affiliated with the Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF), was started to create the first highly adaptive, «Bottom-up AI».

By the time of the 5th generation, the inhabitants of the Human Empire were already ruled by several lords, who, inheriting the egoism from their ancestors, earnestly continued expanding the land they owned, thus depriving the descendants of the non-corrupted first humans of land for cultivation.

Most of the youth was then forced to work for the lords as tenant farmers, while some of them, who were not content with their social positions, set off from Centoria and traveled to the remote regions where they founded new towns and villages, like Zakkaria and Rulid Village, and thus acquired new land to cultivate.

With the era of the Cold War and, later, the collapse of the Soviet Union, people have been becoming less and less tolerant of the death of soldiers, while countries with large militaries, especially America, have been unable to give up their army munitions industry.

With such conditions, the need for unmanned weapons to fight in wars instead of humans has arisen.

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