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To write a Net CDF-4 classic file, you must have put the following line in your NCL script, before any addfile(s) call: If you then transfer this Net CDF file to a little endian system (Linux Intel or Mac Intel systems), you may not be able to read it back in using an NCL script, ncl_filedump, or any other program that reads Net CDF-4 classic files.

If you want a full-fledged application, that has a selectable region while capturing the image, translating the text, preferences etc., then you can checkout Robert Theis’ Android OCR application (for intermediate )!

Most Android users refrain from gettings involved with stuff like rooting and flashing ROMs simply because they are afraid of getting their phone or tablet bricked while trying to do so.

This means that this form of lazy evaluation cannot be used to avoid error conditions that might occur from evaluation of the right hand side expression.

See logical expressions and lazy evaluation in NCL for more information.

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