Tokio hotel bill kaulitz dating

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Als Bill während des Interviews nach dem perfekten Song fürs erste Date gefragt wurde, antwortete er kryptisch: “Warte mal, es liefen doch gerade Songs am Samstag. ” Auch Bills Bruder Tom Kaulitz reagierte sichtlich erstaunt auf diesen Satz von Bill und mahnte ihn, diskret zu sein: “Hattest du ein Date am Samstag? Der haut die Schlagzeilen raus hier.” Die Fans von Lorde beschweren sich, dass ihr neuer Song zu sehr nach Taylor Swift klingt Leider ist Bill, obwohl Bruder Tom dann doch neugierig weiter nachbohrt, nicht gewillt, über sein angebliches Date am Samstag zu sprechen.Dafür erfahren wir noch im Verlauf des Interviews, dass die Jungs von Tokio Hotel auf Gustavs Hochzeit zu den Backstreet Boys getanzt haben.“But it’s going to be fun because we’re going to be so close to the people here tonight, and I always like that because [in a smaller venue like this] you get the energy you put out right back.” Though he says the band has been looking forward to performing in the famed West Hollywood nightclub for several days, he readily admits he and his identical twin brother, Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz, were in a completely different headspace a few years ago.After their debut album dropped in 2005, the band members quickly found themselves on a meteoric rise to fame, but four albums, hundreds of live performances around the world, and more than four years on the road had taken a toll on the 25-year-old artists.lead singer is idolised by thousands of women across the world, although he has reportedly been single for six years.But it seems that Bill (20) has fallen for a punk of his own age from Thuringia.Viel lieber hätten wir jedoch gewusst, ob die Backstreet Boys auch bei Bills Date am Samstag gelaufen sind.Long before the Viper Room became known as an iconic hangout of Hollywood’s young elite as well as the site where actor River Phoenix died in 1993, 8852 Sunset Blvd.

[The video] would’ve been stupid if I just had a pretty girl next to me or making out with a pretty girl the whole time. “That’s why in the video I wanted to have someone who is a little bigger, someone who is hairy, someone that’s older, someone that’s young.There was always a lot of talking, but I always kind of enjoyed that.I like to play with it, because I find it funny that it upsets some people.” Kaulitz says his form of self-expression caused several raised eyebrows earlier in his career, with many people making assumptions about his sexuality.“When I was 13 I would come to school with makeup and nail polish and I had teachers who would say, ‘We can’t teach you and you’re not allowed in class,’” he says as he runs his fingers through his bleached platinum-blond hair.“I got so much shit in school because I had an extreme look.

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