Dating while married separated

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While I don’t regret my marriage (regret is too strong a word), I do consider it a mistake, and one that will continue to embarrass me long after the divorce papers are signed in—well, 2025, at this rate.So as I continue this whole dating thing, I’m choosing to stay mum about my marital status.This doesn’t usually go over very well: Not only do very few men, in my experience, seem to want to date a woman who’s still legally married to another man and could be for a long time, but very few men want to date a woman who would have gotten herself caught up in such a predicament in the first place.“You seem like a very intelligent woman,” one date said to me back in July.“So I’m really confused as to how you could have not just dated, but married someone who is such a —” But he stopped himself there. But separated.”I have said these words out loud on about a half-dozen dates in the last few months and, on other occasions, I haven’t said them at all—opting instead to say them internally over casual drinks with a potential love interest.I like to think that if I’ve said them in my head with the of injecting them into the conversation, it gets me off the hook somehow.” It's complicated, even though we don't have any children or shared assets.

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Dating while going through a divorce can have a number of negative effects on the divorce proceedings, both in court and emotionally.

For starters, we’re legally married in two countries (France and the U.

S.), which makes for some long, drawn-out paperwork.

I don’t think of my marriage as a failure, as some might think of their own, but I do think of myself as having been blind, and I only have myself to blame.

I guess it’s from there that the embarrassment stems: I should have better.

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